Email to many people

Sending e-mails to many recipients without violating GDPR regulations – BCC

The most important functionalities:

  • available for computers, tablets of smartphones
  • available for every mail account owner
  • enables sending messages to many recipients simultaneously 
  • enables creating many contact groups
  • enables sending attachments and links
  • enables sending encrypted information
  • enables receiving read receipts and delivery notification from individual members of the group
  • enables sending information without breaking personal data protection rules

Recommended to:

  • students working in project groups
  • academic teachers for their didactic as well as research projects
  • small and large project groups (a group up to 10 people, server – unlimited number of people)
  • administrative staff sending e-mails to students and university teachers

How to send an e-mail to many recipients without violating GDPR regulations


Wholesale e-mail delivery

Wholesale e-mail delivery is something that comes in handy in something like scientist job or marketing job. A lot of e-mails sites allow us to send messages to many people. But those e-mail sites do not have the ability to send personalized e-mails. Fortunately, special programs dedicated to personalized and wholesale email are saving us. The most popular programs of this type are: Mailchimp, Getresponse, Mailerlite, Freshmail. Each of these programs has a different approach when it comes to creating messages and pricing policy. But they have one thing incommon – wholesale and personalized email messages.

The most important functionalities:

  • allow you to save time
  • allow you to send the same email to many people
  • allow you to make newsletter
  • allow you to organise your recipient and add tags to them
  • easy communication between sender and recipient

Recommended to:

  • scientists that are making personalized and wholesale e-mail-delivery
  • people responsible for email campaigns
  • scientists running websites / blogs
  • non-governmental organizations
  • local business


  • remember to have STRONG PASSWORD
  • check out a few programs and choose the one suitable to you

Personalized, wholesale e-mail sending