– academic CV – creating a digital CV and a scientific achievement database

The most important functionalities:

  • scholar’s identification: a portal with millions of users and high visibility in browsers
  • self-archiving: publishing and organizing one’s own papers
  • announces articles, publishes journals and conference calls for papers, informs the users about academic job opportunities
  • access to basic analytical data which enable impact monitoring
  • the estimated impact factor based on the number of readers and text views as well as the PaperRank of a paper (a function of the number of recommendations the paper has received, weighted by the AuthorRanks of the recommenders) and the AuthorRank of the authors (depending on the PaperRank number)
  • the paid version offers access to various statistics, a citation search engine and detailed information on text readers

Recommended mostly to academic teachers and students:

  • trying to enhance their visibility on the Internet
  • willing to publish their research results regularly and stay informed about research conducted all over the world
  • interested in the impact factor of their own research
  • willing to create a repository of their own scientific publications
  • looking for a platform for publishing invitations to their research projects
  • looking for a job in international research teams

How to create a database of scientific achievements on the website