Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – a collaboration tool

The most important functionalities:

  • group and individual contact (up to 300 people on chat in a free version)
  • transferring educational materials and/or live presentation (2GB)
  • sharing files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • screen sharing
  • virtual board with live group comments
  • teamwork coordination
  • time management
  • partly free tool

Recommended to:

  • students working in project groups
  • teachers working online
  • teachers working in project groups
  • employees performing their tasks in the home office mode
  • small and large project groups
  • commercial employee working online in international teams

How to manage a meeting in MS Teams

Step 1. Creating a team

Start MS Teams application and on the left select an option (1) Teams. In Teams window click the button Join or create team (2) and set up a new team (Create team), choosing in the following windows its parameters (function, name, description).

Step 2. Adding members.

Invite members to your team, choosing them from a contact list.

Step 3. Sending chat messages

Write a message to the members (1), send a chat message (2). You can add files, gifs to your message or use any other tool that enrich communication – all possible options can be found at a bottom menu (3).

Step 4. Video call

Choose the camera icon at the bottom menu and begin video call. Choose if you want to share your camera view (1) and click Meet now button (2).

Step 5. Share content

During the meeting you can share your desktop or any file at your computer. In order to do so click Share icon (1) and choose a view you want to share in a new window (2).

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