Input tools

Gmail – input tools

The most important functionalities:

  • tools can be used for many languages simultaneously 
  • easy writing in a chosen language in any place on the Internet 
  • automatic insertion of diacritic marks, spelling correction, word completion
  • saving corrections (the possibility to add new words and names to a dictionary)
  • transliteration (a type of conversion of one script to another based on phonetic similarity, eg. Latin alphabet letters are converted to signs that sound similar in the target language; transliteration offers approximate phonetic mapping; one can type approximate pronunciation using the Latin alphabet and transliteration enables finding the most appropriate equivalents)
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Recommended to:

  • people working in international teams
  • students and researchers using foreign resources
  • translators
  • linguists working on different languages

Note: input tools can only be used in a browser, they are not available in the Gmail application.

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