Google Forms

Google Forms

The most important functionalities:

  • useful for tests and surveys
  • the results are gathered and summed up automatically
  • information concerning answers and diagrams are being updated 
  • graphic representation of data
  • available for computers, tablets, smartphones 
  • intuitive operation
  • the possibility to ask questions (open-ended and closed-ended)
  • different possible types of answer format (e.g. drop-down lists, response scales)
  • personalized forms
  • graphics and videos can be included 
  • the results can be shared with others
  • different types of sharing forms with users (e.g. via e-mail, link)

Recommended to:

  • lecturers and teachers testing students
  • students and researchers conducting surveys
  • all types of project groups – local, national and international
  • informal groups to gather data
  • everybody for private use (entertainment, hobbies, games)
  • meeting and conference organizers to manage registration process and conduct evaluation surveys

How to create a survey in Google Forms